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PSA Penn Terminals is equipped to accommodate container cargo and ensures quick turn around times because of the specialized equipment we have in place and our expert workforce. Our hourly laborers are IBOB Union members, which allow us to offer stevedoring services and also container stripping and stuffing services on our terminal.

Radiation Portal Monitors
•PSA Penn Terminals has US Customs staffed radiation portal monitors on site. They are efficiently utilized to avoid any delays in cargo release. Every import container that arrives at our terminal transits through these portals, immediately upon discharge.

Container Scales/VGM
•PSA Penn Terminals has SOLAS compliant certified truck scales that are conveniently placed at the entrance to the container yard to avoid congestion at the container gate. Each scale has a 200,000 lbs (90,700kg) weight capacity. Additionally, PTI’s THD reach stackers are equipped with SOLAS VGM compliant container weighing capability.

Container Gate
•Open 0600 to 1600
•The gates don't close for lunch
•Lanes are monitored 24/7 by security cameras.

Container Freight Station
•Using proprietary methods and equipment, we routinely stuff and strip long products without costly damage to the cargo, the packaging or the container, through our facility.

Specialty Container Cargoes Handled
•High Value steel coils, sheets, bundle bars, wire rods, etc.
•Utilizing Coil-Tainer's patented steel pallets, you can ship your high value steel coils without the traditional, costly, export canning and assure your products arrive safely, efficiently, damage free and on-time with a substantial cost savings.